At Cooper Standard, we know that our people are the key to success. Our Global Leadership Team has developed a clear, profitable growth vision and is implementing a solid strategy to support the company’s goals--BUT it’s our employees who are driving this strategy and determining the success of the company and the futures of all of its employees around the world. Our people have a relentless focus on the customers and drive innovation in all areas of the business.

Because we’re passionate about our people, we’re creating an environment that supports employees’ career and leadership growth, where safety is everyone’s job and one where we can build strong bonds with each other through open communication and collaboration. Our commitment to building a great place to work for current and future employees includes:

  • Offering employees multiple avenues for professional development and growth
  • A constant and unwavering commitment to safety
  • Clearly defining what leadership means at Cooper Standard and teaching employees how to strengthen their leadership capabilities
  • Supporting the local communities where we live and work, as well as the next-generation workforce, through the Cooper Standard Foundation
  • Living our core values on a daily basis
  • Listening to global employees’ feedback and taking actions that perpetuate a positive “vibe” and engaged teams in all facilities

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