Chassis and Tank Fuel Lines / Bundles

Fuel and Vapor Lines

Multi-layered, low-permeation plastic hose and corrosion-resistant metallic tubes that transport fluid from the fuel tank to the fuel rail. Developed to be durable, yet flexible, these lines provide the needed permeation protection with the flexibility to account for engine movement.

Metallic Brake Lines and Bundles

Metallic Brake Lines and Bundles

Brake Lines – high-pressure, double-wall, brazed steel tubes and threaded fittings that run from the master cylinder to the brake (e.g. block / rotor). Available in a variety of coatings to meet the most stringent corrosion requirements.



The combination of fuel and brake lines into a single bundle that runs along the frame of the vehicle. Cooper Standard is an industry expert in the strategic integration of fuel and brake lines to create the most space-efficient package.

Direct Injection and Port Fuel Rails

Fuel Rails and Fuel Charging Assemblies

A leader in the development of customized fuel rails, from the fabrication of the metal rail to brazing to leak testing. Cooper Standard offers a unique advantage due to its design and development process, and extensive hydro-pulsation, vibration and thermal cycle testing capabilities.

Related Components / Technologies

Cooper Standard is committed to the development of innovative fuel rail components and technologies, such as suspended injector and isolated rail concepts, high-pressure tube and flexible hose developments, high-pressure fuel connector technologies and numerous advancements in manufacturing and testing technologies.

Quick Connects

Gen III Quick Connect

Next generation connector designed to meet double-lock trend in fuel systems with proven robust quick connect joint.

Quick Connects with Integrated Sensors

Cooper Standard offers a range of quick connectors that form connection points in fluid systems, allowing for flexible serviceability and ease of assembly. Features are customized to meet customer requirements.