PlastiCool® Glycol Coolant Tubes


Cooper Standard’s PlastiCool® portfolio offers excellent chemical resistance and physical performance for a wide range of Glycol applications. The lightweight tube is available in both smooth and convoluted (CVT) constructions in a variety of cross-sectional shapes. These tubes are engineered for all vehicle powertrain architectures including internal combustion engine, hybrid and battery electric cooling systems.

Enhanced Features with PlastiCool®

With a focus on electric and hybrid-electric vehicles, PlastiCool® offers a 60% lighter alternative compared to traditional EPDM hoses. Our flexible tubing solutions can be designed to accommodate various shapes and sizes to meet or exceed performance requirements.

Featured Solutions


A highly flexible, multi-layer tubing (MLT) solution for low temperature cooling systems up to 80°C (such as batteries).


A multi-layer tubing (MLT) solution providing high performance for mid-temperature coolant applications up to 120°C.

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A high-temperature, mono-wall tubing for coolant applications up to 150°C.