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Sealing Systems

custom seals

Cooper Standard’s award-winning products are designed to enhance performance and seal out unwanted environmental elements such as wind, water, dust and noise.

From automotive to industrial applications, our expertise in sealing technologies is leveraged throughout the entire development and manufacturing process to deliver products with reduced weight, improved acoustics, enhanced aesthetics, better compression deflection, durability and much more. 

From choosing the right material to applying cost-effective manufacturing methods - we provide superior solutions for our customers across diverse powertrains and markets.   

  • Rubber, Silicone & Plastic Materials
  • Custom Designs
  • Standard Profiles & Catalog Parts
  • Clip-On Seals
  • Metal, Plastic or Wire Carriers
  • Extrusion: EPDM, Silicone, Neoprene, Nitrile, Thermoplastics
    • Custom Industrial Extrusions 
    • Automotive Sealing System Extrusions 
  • Finishing Capabilities
  • Graining
  • Hole Drilling and Pin Insertion
  • Coating Application
  • Bending
  • Notching
  • Die-Cut
  • Glass Encapsulation


Cooper Standard is proactively responding to the vehicle electrification revolution and is continuously innovating our portfolio to stay ahead of the competition. To address the increasing need for quieter interiors as a result of the electric vehicle powertrain revolution, Cooper Standard’s Sealing Solutions, especially our lightweight Fortrex® elastomer, can be applied to help seal unwanted elements – especially noise – outside of the vehicle. Electric vehicle styling trends are also leading to desire for high-end but cost-effective aesthetics. Cooper Standard’s Stainless Steel Decorative Trim enhances appearance while preserving corrosion resistance and our FlushSeal™ offers premium appearance with weight reduction. Learn more.


Featured Solutions

Coextruded Below Belt Assemblies

Reduces weight while maintaining performance compared to Nylon and steel products.


A patented, revolutionary chemistry platform created for a variety of vehicle sealing applications and additionally offering game-changing opportunities in a wide range of  markets.  Fortrex™ delivers outstanding sealing, weatherability, NVH and aesthetic performance, with an environmentally friendlier footprint.


An innovative material solution offering improved durability and a lower cost alternative to cloth covered trim lips.

Satin Stainless Steel

A cost-effective innovation that enhances stainless steel appearance while preserving its corrosion resistance.


A glass sealing system solution that leverages design and material technology to improve vehicle appearance and wind noise.

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TPS/TPV MicroDense

A material innovation implemented on non-functional areas of sealing components that reduces weight while maintaining mechanical integrity.

EPDM MicroDense

An EPDM material innovation that enables lighter weight dynamic weather seals without compromising mechanical integrity.

EPDM-based Slip Coat

An EPDM based slip coat engineered to provide appearance match to corner mold material while providing long lasting performance.


An EPDM compound that passes the most stringent UV, ph and chemical resistance requirements.